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WE service all major brand scopes:
ACMI-Circon®, Auto-Suture®, Cabot®, Concept-Linvatec®, Dyonics®, Wolf®, Olympus®, Storz®, etc.

Flexible, Rigid and Semi-Rigid
Fiber Optic Cables
Endoscope Cameras & Couplers
Laparoscopic Instruments

Loaner's Available:
27400CK, ACMI, MR6, MR6A, MRO742A OLYMPUS A2949A, WOLF 8712-402 WOLF 8702-402

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Services Overview

Rigid Starting at (Clean Straight & Buff, Functional & Soaking Test)

Semi-Rigid Starting at (Clean Straight & Buff, Functional & Soaking Test)

Image Guide & Objective Re-fiber - 3 Month Special - New Clients Only!!

ERI specializes in all categories of medical equipment repair:

  • Flexible endoscopes and flexible biopsy forceps
  • Rigid and semi-rigid endoscopes
  • Endoscope cameras, couplers, light cables and light sources
  • Video processors, printers and monitors

Please contact us for a price list on your Flexible, Semi-Flexible and Rigid Scope Repair needs.

ERI is a facility that aims at becoming your choice for repairing and reselling rigid and flexible endoscopes. We offer fast turnaround time, reasonable prices and 90 days warranty.

ERI is committed to our 100% satisfaction guarantee:
  • All repairs are provided with a minimum of 90 day repair warranty
  • 24-48 hour turn around time on all minor repairs
  • Quality repairs that meet and exceed OEM standards